About Me:
I am working on developing lateral flow assays using nanophosphors as optical reporters for high-sensitivity analyte detection at the point-of-care.  

Adheesha Danthanarayana

B.S., Chemistry,
Univ. of Colombo, Sri Lanka,

Email: adheesha.nd@gmail.com

Research Areas:

  • Developing nanophosphors for bioanalytical applications

I am working on developing nanophosphors with long lifetime to be used as optical reporters in lateral flow assays (LFAs). The use of nanophosphors enhances the sensitivity and eliminates the need for expensive optical hardware required by the conventional fluorescent reporters. Nanophosphor LFAs are coupled with smartphone-based imaging technology to develop it as a simple, rapid, low cost point-of-care  diagnostic device.


  • Danthanarayana, E. Finley, B. Vu, K. Kourentzi, R. C. Willson, and J. Brgoch. A multicolor multiplex lateral flow assay for high-sensitivity analyte detection using persistent luminescent nanophosphors. Anal. Methods 2020, 12, 272-280.