Purification of proteins and nucleic acids

Proteins, DNA, and messenger RNA have become major classes of medicines.  Biopharmaceuticals represent a research-intensive market of over $160 billion per year, production scales measured in tons, and the leading approaches to major diseases including cancer and Alzheimer’s.We have a long-standing interest in the purification of proteins, RNA and DNA, by chromatography and selective precipitation.  Several students from the group have reached CEO, VP, and technical-lead status in drug companies including Pfizer, Amgen and Merck. Prior projects have included the first single-molecule measurements of protein chromatographic adsorption, the characterization of protein ion-exchange adsorption by directed mutagenesis, titration calorimetry and computational electrostatics, and the development of several new methods of DNA and RNA purification.  Current interests include new approaches to purification of antibodies, and fundamental investigations of transport and binding in affinity adsorbents.