About Me:
I am working on at-home point of care biosensors and biomarker screening in autoimmune disease

Rongwei Lei

PhD. Biomedical Engineering
Univ. of Houston, Houston, Tx

Email: rlei3@uh.edu

Research Areas:

  • Biosensors

I am working on Liquid Biopsy diagnostics of Lupus Nephritis through smartphone-based highly sensitive lateral flow immunoassay. Also, I am working on the development of Vertical Flow Assay in the detection of dsDNA of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. Also, I am working on the detection of Interlukine-6 in cancerous patients treated with CAR T-cell Therapy.

  • Biomarker screening

I am working on the identification and validation of biomarkers in Ankylosing Spondylitis.


  • Immunological Biomarkers of COVID-19 infections (Review; ready for production)
  • Current and emerging trends in point-of-care urinalysis tests (Review)
  • Related Human Noroviruses and Their Global Genetic Diversity and Temporal-Geographical Distribution from 1983 to 2014
  • Preliminary Study on the Extraction Methods and Composition of the Essential Oil of Wormwood and Mint